WoW: The Beast Mastery Hunter Mage Tower Guide - Item Level Gaming (2024)

World of Warcraft is an MMORPG that’s been around since 2004. Yes, you read that right. If you’re young enough to not know what World of Warcraft is, it’s the RPG game that launched Blizzard into the gaming world spotlight. The game has since then received continuous updates and content that can keep a new player busy for literal years. One of those content we will be discussing today is the Beast Mastery Tower, and how you can complete the challenge easily.

The Beast Mastery Hunter Mage Tower Guide – WoW

The challenge itself is very easy, and you can complete it with gear purchased from vendors. What you need to do is just have the right gear, talents, and strategy when facing the challenge.

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Recommended Gear for Beast Mastery Tower

Any gear you have can be used for the challenge. You can even buy from a vendor and call it a day. However, there is one gear that is recommended for you to get, and it is the Ravage Seed Pod. This gear leaves a contaminated puddle on the ground that deals damage to those who step on it, while simultaneously healing you.

To get this trinket, you will need to go to the Emerald Nightmare and defeat the first boss. If the trinket doesn’t spawn, you have four tries to do this by playing through it again on a higher level. If you still have no success in getting the trinket, then it’s fine. You don’t really have to complete the challenge, but it just helps make it easier.

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Recommended Talents for Beast Mastery Tower

Now that gear is done, you’ll need to sort out your talent. First off is Animal Companion, which is a must-have two pets that what aggros the bosses away from you, taking the brunt of the attacks. If one pet goes down, the second pet will then aggro the boss, giving you enough time to revive the downed pet. A good choice of pet would be the Core Hound dog due to its high defense and because it will give you the Primal Rage ability.


Other talents you need will be Scent of Blood and Thrill of the Blood. Combining these two talents together will deal out massive damage to the bosses. Natural Mending is required as well as the talent decreases the cooldown of your Exhilaration. Then choose Born to be Wild to increase the cooldowns of Aspect of the Cheetah and Aspect of the Turtle.

For the last two talents, get Stomp and Aspect of the Beast. Aspect of the Beast will increase your pets damage by 30%, and Stomp is an AoE attack, which you’ll need for certain enemies during the fight.

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How to Defeat Tauren Tugar Bloodtotem

Now that we have our gear and talents ready, we’re now set to take on the boss. First off is the Tauren, Tugar Bloodtotem. The Tauren by itself is not dangerous, except for its one ability called Fel Burst. You will need to interrupt this attack with attacks of your own, so utilize stunning attacks as well as your pets to interrupt the Fel Burst attack, or else your pets will die instantly and leave you vulnerable.

While it may seem scary to have both pets die, don’t worry. It’s not that bad. Just resurrect them one by one and the aggro will be back on them.

Tugar uses other attacks like Earthquake and such. The Earthquake attack is easy to avoid, but you will need to eliminate the totems as soon as they drop. You will get stunned if they fall on the ground and are left alone, which will lead you to getting defeated and having to start all over.

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How to Defeat Jormog the Behemoth

The other boss you have to fight is Jormog the Behemoth. The boss starts with a 90% damage reduction. To get rid of the damage reduction, you need to have Jormog hit nine rocks located in the room. Once he hits all nine, his damage reduction will reduce to zero, and you can now do normal damage to it.

Eventually, Jormog will start using Sonic Scream. The counter is simple for this, which is the Scare Beast skill. Utilize that skill every time Jormog is about to use Sonic Scream to interrupt it, otherwise you will lose massive amounts of health.

Further down the fight, Jormog will spawn eggs on the ground, which will in turn spawn worms that you’ll have to fight. Getting rid of these is easy, and which is why you need the Ravage Seed Pod. Simply approach the eggs with the Ravage Seed Pod active, and the AoE damage will destroy the eggs, preventing any worms from spawning.

If the eggs do hatch though, no need to worry. They don’t deal a lot of damage, and the Ravage Seed Pod will do the job either way. Just make sure to take them down to avoid any other distractions.

Once the Tauren is dealt with however, Jormog will get a damage increase of 400%, making all of its attacks become incredibly dangerous, especially the Sonic Scream. If you get hit with a 400% charged Sonic Scream, you will get one-shot and die instantly.

Be sure to interrupt the Sonic Scream whenever Jormog is getting ready to cast, and keep dealing damage to it and the boss will eventually die, thus completing the challenge.

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WoW: The Beast Mastery Hunter Mage Tower Guide - Item Level Gaming (2024)
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