The Top 12 Thermomix Recipes to Freeze (2024)

The Top 12 Thermomix Recipes to Freeze (1)

One of the most popular questions in the Skinnymixers Facebook Group is ‘What are the best Thermomix Recipes to Freeze?’. You can freeze almost every Skinnymixers recipe, apart from salad or mayo based recipes.

Hi! It’s Sian here…

I asked the very knowledgeable Skinnymixers community ‘what recipes do you always have in your freezer?’. Below are the top 12 recipes that won the #freezerstash poll.

#1 Thermomix Recipe to Freeze – Stock Concentrate

The Top 12 Thermomix Recipes to Freeze (2)

The freezer is the perfect place for your stock concentrate paste. Due to the high salt content it won’t freeze and will remain easy to scoop out what you need. Keeping it in the freezer will avoid that disappointing moment of opening your container of Thermomix Stock Paste in the fridge and discovering it has gone mouldy.

Personally I always try to have a chicken stock concentrate and beef stock concentrate in my freezer stash. I stopped making the vegetable stock paste years ago, as the chicken has so much more flavour.

Make sure you try the Skinnymixers recipe from the website and also available in ‘The Healthy Mix’ cookbook.

#2 – Curry Pastes

The Top 12 Thermomix Recipes to Freeze (3)

Keeping a stash of curry pastes in the freezer means you can have a delicious curry on the table mid-week in 30 minutes. You can freeze portions of the Thai Green Curry Paste, Curry Mee Laksa Paste, Massaman Beef Curry Paste, Thai Red Curry Paste and Ayam Kapitan Paste.

Mini snaplock bags work well to save space, but you can also portion in other containers easily.

I also like to have a snap lock back with any other essentials like coriander roots, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, chillies, ginger and shallots. That way I am always prepared to make the Malaysian Satay Chicken!

#3 – Butter Chicken

The Top 12 Thermomix Recipes to Freeze (4)

Whether you have some fakeaway servings of Butter Chicken in your freezer ready for the nights you can’t be bothered cooking or perhaps you froze the leftover sauce from the last batch of Butter Chicken to make Butter Chicken Pizza or to add in some extra grilled chicken for a fast dinner. You won’t be disappointed having some of the very popular Butter Chicken in your freezer.

Butter Chicken Pizza is actually the main reason I make Butter Chicken. You can add whatever toppings you like but I like red capsicum, baby spinach, red onion and roasted pumpkin…. soooooo good!

This recipe is available on the blog and also a more streamlined version in the cookbook ‘A Little Taste of India’.

#4 – LCHF Chicken Kievs

The Top 12 Thermomix Recipes to Freeze (5)

When I make Chicken Kievs, I always make a double batch to keep in the freezer. I make adult sized kievs and also some smaller chicken nuggets for my youngest child. I also like to add baby spinach into the garlic butter to make the sauce extra “Hulk” green for the turdler – the extra green is for bigger muscles!

Feel free to experiment and try some different variations from the alternative Kiev filling list. Cook your Chicken Kievs from frozen with a light spray of oil, in the oven or airfryer. No need to panfry if they are frozen.

These LCHF Chicken Kievs are perfect for working families who need dinner on the table quickly to feed the masses. Pop the frozen Kievs in the oven and your Silky Sweet Potato Mash can cook in the Thermomix to have dinner on the table within 40 minutes.

#5 – Family Chunky Bolognese with Hidden Vege

The Top 12 Thermomix Recipes to Freeze (6)

The Family Chunky Bolognese with Hidden Vege is extremely popular with the mums hoping to sneak some extra vege into their easy kids meals. This Thermomix recipe makes a large amount of Bolognese sauce and can only be found in ‘The Healthy Mix II’ cookbook.

You can freeze just the sauce or you can freeze with pasta to make it a complete grab and reheat meal. I’ve also been know to use this mince in my mini pizza scrolls for my lunchbox #freezerstash.

So next time you make this popular Thermomix Bolognese, make sure you freeze the leftovers for fast and easy dinners.

#6 – Peri Peri Chicken

The Top 12 Thermomix Recipes to Freeze (7)

If you haven’t tried the Peri Peri Chicken you need to add it to your meal plan ASAP! This mild chicken Thermomix marinade is better than Nando’s and you can increase the heat by adding more chilli. This chicken is best cooked on the BBQ to get the lovely char flavour, but is also good pan-fried and air-fried.

When I make this for dinner I often like to double batch the marinade to have some pre-marinated chicken in the freezer. I currently have Peri Peri Chicken thighs and wings in my freezer stash. I have also started freezing a small portion of the marinade to make perinaise, because I love perinaise <3

To make Perinaise: Simply leave about 1 Tbsp of the Peri Peri marinade in the mixer bowl and start making Nik’s Mayo (Without Washing Bowl). Pop it in the fridge and let the flavours develop for a few hours.

#7 – Aussie Meat Pie Filling

The Top 12 Thermomix Recipes to Freeze (8)

Whether you freeze some ready made pies or maybe just the Aussie Meat Pie Filling to serve with some mash and Mushy Peas. This Thermomix recipe is perfect for the freezer. I currently have about a dozen pies in my freezer stash with hidden vegetables added. These are reserved for the nights or weekends where some “junk food” is the easiest thing to add to the menu for the kids. This recipe means you know exactly what is in your pies. No additives, no preservatives and good quality mince.

If you are gluten free, you can easily use gluten free pastry or serve with some mash.

#8 – Chunky Bolognese

If you don’t like the fine, mushy texture of the Thermomix Bolognese recipes cooked in the bowl. You must try the Skinnymixer’s Chunky Bolognese where the mince is cooked in the simmering basket to retain a chunky texture. You can freeze just the sauce or freeze with some pasta. It isn’t recommended to freeze with zoodles though, as they go very soggy.

#9 – Macaroni Cheese with a Twist

The Top 12 Thermomix Recipes to Freeze (9)

The ultimate hidden vegetable dinner, the Macaroni Cheese with a Twist freezes perfectly. You can either batch up the sauce and freeze to add to pasta or freeze as a meal. This is Nik’s “kids” favourite meal, I’m pretty sure that the kids don’t get much after Nik snacks on it though 😉

I recommend cutting your vegetables small and making sure they are well cooked before blending.

Also the different cheeses really make a difference to the flavour, so make sure it will be a cheese your kids like.

There is a dairy-free version of this recipe also on the blog here.

#10 – Coconut Curried Sausages

The Top 12 Thermomix Recipes to Freeze (10)

The Coconut Curried Sausages is a very popular budget, flavour packed all-in-one meal that freezes really well. The rice is meant to soak up all that lovely sauce, so don’t worry about it being runny.

This is one meal that will feed a crowd, but watch out as they will come back for seconds. If you are watching your weight then keep this for a treat meal or serve with cauliflower rice for a LCHF option.

#11 – Healthy Carbonara Sauce

When cauliflowers are cheap, it is a great time to stock the freezer with theHealthy Carbonara Sauceexclusively found in ‘The Healthy Mix’ cookbook. Alternatively you may wish to keep frozen cauliflower in your freezer to make the sauce on a budget.

#12 – Chilli Con Carne

The Top 12 Thermomix Recipes to Freeze (11)

Who doesn’t love a flavour packed fast fakeaway dinner? The Chilli Con Carnefrom the cookbook ‘A Little Taste of Mexico’ really delivers on flavour and is worthwhile freezing in portions for a grab and go dinner.

You can also make the Chilli Con Carne with mince for a budget dinner – you can find the directions in the ‘What to Make with… Mince’ Guide.

What are your favourite Thermomix recipes to Freeze?

The Top 12 Thermomix Recipes to Freeze (2024)


Does Thermomix freeze? ›

Do not place the mixing bowl and its cover into the freezer as the Thermomix mixing bowl and its cover was not made to withstand freezing.

How do you cook then freeze meals? ›

Reusable freezer bags are great for sauces – freezing them flat also helps with space as you can stack them on top of each other. Muffin trays are also useful if you want to defrost smaller portions at a time. Cool the food quickly after cooking and before freezing.

How do you freeze meals for one? ›

Medium sized (quart size) freezer bags – Plastic freezer bags or reusable silicone bags are a versatile option for freezing meals in smaller portions. Souper Cubes – These containers are designed for freezer cooking. They are particularly good for soups and stews. You can get them in 1/2 cup, 1 cup, and 2 cup sizes.

Can you cook multiple things in Thermomix? ›

Cookidoo® is home to heaps of all-in-one recipes – where you can cook different components at once, using your basic Thermomix® accessories. Making dinner becomes twice as nice, when you can conveniently whip up a main and a side dish at the same time!

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