The best Pokémon cats - Ensiplay (2024)

Meow! Get your fish crackers, milk ready, because today we're going to look at the cutest, most graceful creatures. The creators of the series and games clearly have a love for cats. It's no surprise that representatives of this species are found in almost every corner of the vast world. Let's look at the 20 best cat Pokémon!

Table of Content

  1. Skitty
  2. Delcatty
  3. Purrloin
  4. Liepard
  5. Zeraora
  6. Absol
  7. Perrserker
  8. Espurr
  9. Meowstic
  10. Litten
  11. Torracat
  12. Incineroar
  13. Solgaleo
  14. Pyroar
  15. Shinx
  16. Luxio
  17. Luxray
  18. Sylveon
  19. Raikou
  20. Meowth

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The best Pokémon cats - Ensiplay (1)Image:

Let's start with an incredibly cute, playful creature. This little one first appeared in Generation III, and each screen appearance brought delight. By nature, Skitty doesn't belong to any specific class but has several Fairy moves and the fighter ability Wake-up Slap. Most of the attacks are aimed at disarming the opponent.


The best Pokémon cats - Ensiplay (2)Image:

The evolutionary path of the previous Pokémon. This creature becomes larger, more elegant, stylish. Delcatty is quick and agile, but there's a nuance you should know. Upon evolution, the cat doesn't gain additional abilities, so they remain identical to Skitty's. Don't rush to evolve until you have leveled up the previous form!


The best Pokémon cats - Ensiplay (3)Image:

One look at design reveals the mischievous nature of this cat. Dark type affiliation speaks for itself. In the series, Purrloin is known for pranks and cunning, making it a full-fledged fluffy troublemaker. The fighter's arsenal includes many dark skills and can significantly disrupt the opponent's life. Notable moves include Hone Claws + Sucker Punch.


The best Pokémon cats - Ensiplay (4)Image:

Little Purrloin evolves into a graceful leopard with an incredibly beautiful design. It's no longer a small prankster but a fierce predator with a nasty character. It's hard to take your eyes off Liepard, and many trainers hurry to get this hero as soon as possible. However, we wouldn't recommend doing so. Upon evolution, abilities remain, but leveling up will take longer.


The best Pokémon cats - Ensiplay (5)Image:

We've already encountered Zeraora when we looked at the best Electric type Pokémon. Like other mythical creatures, this thunder cat looks very cool and has excellent characteristics. Strong special moves are aimed at controlling lightning, but nothing prevents it from engaging in close combat with strong and sharp claws.


The best Pokémon cats - Ensiplay (6)Image:

Despite its white fur, this creature has a dark essence. The fighter certainly has feline features. The long horn shouldn't confuse inexperienced trainers. Absol doesn't have evolutionary development, which can be convenient. Sometimes you don't want to work hard to reach the maximum level and then level up all over again.

The strongest weapon is the special skill Sucker Punch. Trust us, the damage will be catastrophic, but the skill can only be used five times per battle.


The best Pokémon cats - Ensiplay (7)Image:

The name speaks for itself — a viking cat. It's quite strange to see a fluffy monster in such a guise. As a fierce warrior should, Perrserker belongs to the Steel type and even has a cold weapon. Claws merge into something resembling a sword, making it very strong in close combat.

Despite all the above, most of the moves are normal moves, but this is enough to be a good attacker.


The best Pokémon cats - Ensiplay (8)Image:

One of the cutest Pokémon that all trainers loved. How could you not fall in love with this little one?! Due to its small size and short legs, Espurr cannot become a strong fierce warrior, but that's not necessary.

Before us is a very powerful psychic, so the warrior doesn't need to get close to the enemy. All kitten lovers should definitely find the character and add it to the team. Besides, the cutie evolves into a great form, which we'll talk about now.


The best Pokémon cats - Ensiplay (9)Image:

Depending on Espurr's gender, the design of Meowstic changes. Males take on a dark color and become larger, while females are white. After evolution, several new fighting + fairy moves appear, but the main strength remains psychic.


The best Pokémon cats - Ensiplay (10)Image:

A very popular cat like Pokémon among beginners. It's not just about the cool design: Litten has very good characteristics even in its initial form, so the hero can stand up to many opponents. Even before evolution, in addition to fire moves, such a kitty gets Ghost/Dark type abilities.

We recommend adding this creature to your team also because of cool evolutions. The subsequent form will become more vicious and deadly, so be prepared for the fact that a cute pet will turn into a monster.


The best Pokémon cats - Ensiplay (11)Image:

So, the little one has grown up. The design still resembles Litten, but the aggressive features are now clearly visible. Long, sharp, saber like claws have appeared, not just for show. Attack power has increased, as has speed, along with the addition of close combat abilities. Fiery strikes remain and normal moves have been added.

When a trainer gets Torracat, they should consider its further development. Now we'll explain the reasons for these doubts.


The best Pokémon cats - Ensiplay (12)Image:

It's hard to imagine that this terrifying, evil killing machine could once curl up on a lap and purr. Yes, Incineroar turned out to be very scary, but it's not just about appearance. You shouldn't play with the character or throw a toy mouse. The warrior won't chase after the toy but will just take your head off.

Those who have watched the cartoon know about the peculiarities of Pokémon's character. The character is extremely difficult to control, so there have been cases of the hero attacking its own trainer! Sometimes the creature even sabotages battles, refusing to follow orders. For all the suffering, you’ll get an excellent attacker. The abilities Flamethrower, Thrash, and Flare Blitz deal colossal damage.


The best Pokémon cats - Ensiplay (13)Image:

A legendary Pokémon that resembles a lion and belongs to the Light trio. A trainer who possesses Solgaleo can be considered lucky. On the battlefield, it showcases a wide range of special attacks from different types. The versatile weapon never lets its owner down, so we consider this legend one of the best acquisitions.


The best Pokémon cats - Ensiplay (14)Image:

The evolution of Litleo is worth all the effort. This more canonical lion like appearance varies based on the gender of the animal. Males look fierce, while females are more graceful and feminine. Of course, the excitement isn't just about the design but also the abilities that will delight any player.

The combination of Normal/Fire type provides a wide range of offensive skills. Additionally, after evolving, Pyroar gains one dark ability. The signature move, Overheat, has a power of 130 points. Cool!


The best Pokémon cats - Ensiplay (15)Image:

Another great choice for beginners and electricity enthusiasts. As a kitten, Shinx looks more like a monkey, but that will soon change. The initial characteristics aren't extraordinary, but it has enough strength to stand up to opponents. It's worth choosing this little one because of subsequent evolution stages, which definitely won't disappoint.


The best Pokémon cats - Ensiplay (16)Image:

The kitten has now become a lion cub. Dark mane already indicates that Luxio has a combination of Dark/Electric type. The mix provides excellent advantages, but there's a small nuance to consider. The other abilities at this stage don't allow for confident attacks. For experienced trainers, the feature won't be a problem, but for beginners, we recommend quickly progressing to the next form.


The best Pokémon cats - Ensiplay (17)Image:

Thus, the awkward, big-eared baby has become the ruler of darkness. Luxray is undoubtedly worth the entire development journey. At your disposal will be one of the best attackers overall. For example, the ability Thunder Fang deals excellent damage with an accuracy of 95%. In addition to this, special, physical attacks are added, as well as a wide selection of dark moves. Highly recommended!


The best Pokémon cats - Ensiplay (18)Image:

All cat lovers dream of this elegant, very beautiful creature. Moreover, Sylveon is the result of the evolution of the amazing Eevee, which can have any Fairy type move. Thus, every trainer can have an excellent psychic with very strong abilities. Here, normal/fairy abilities are combined. The strongest of them are Moonblast + Last Resort.


The best Pokémon cats - Ensiplay (19)Image:

The legendary thunder lion is practically a deity in the Pokémon world. Raikou is considered the protector of all electric creatures and one of the strongest fighters in the world. Amazing defense allows it to withstand any opponent, and powerful attacks can crush any adversary.

The combination of Electric/Psychic type plays a significant role, providing excellent advantages. For example, the ability Thunder has 110 power points, 70% accuracy. For many, this is a death sentence.


The best Pokémon cats - Ensiplay (20)Image:

Not the strongest, but the most significant. The most popular among all cat Pokémon and one of the main symbols of the franchise. The legendary Meowth has become a favorite for many players, viewers. A member of Team Rocket, this "bad guy" is known for getting into trouble and speaking human language.

The initial Normal type form can evolve into the dark Alolan Meowth or the steel Galarian Meowth.

For cat lovers, we've gathered the 20 best Pokémon of various types. Collect your collection and head into the fluffy battle!

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The best Pokémon cats - Ensiplay (2024)
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