Speedy Fish Chowder Recipe (2024)

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Really out of my comfort zone to just “make it up” LOL, but this was delicious. Made enough for two hungry people on a really cold night.2 slices baconMedium onion10 baby red potatoes2 carrotsKosher salt and black pepperSmoked paprika (which I think made a HUGE difference)1 C frozen corn4 C fish stock.5 C white wine.25 C heavy cream8 oz cod


Don't cut the raw fish into chunks. Immerse the entire fillets in the liquid; they'll break up naturally as soon as they're cooked through.


Amazing & yes speedy! Started with jar of anchovies & its oil, garlic w/the other stated ingredients, bottle of clam juice & water. Perfect for this sloshy night in NY.


Excited that this turned out so well as I don’t cook w/ fish much. Started by dissolving 2 anchovies into olive oil & butter. Added onion, carrot, celery, potato, red pepper flake, smoked paprika & blk pepper. For liquid, used Pinot Grigio, chicken broth & clam juice. Thickened w/ half & half. Added .75lb tilapia & canned minced clams. Rough chopped 15 pre-cooked shrimp into bowls before ladling in stew. Voila! Fish stew. Served with garlic toast. Fam loved it. Does into reg rotation. Thx, Sam!

Susan C

I've made this for years and love to throw in a good lot of chopped parsley at the end along with lots of black pepper. Cod is good.


For yellow color as shown in photo, add 1 t turmeric. Instant yellow magic plus hint of added flavor.


Wow am I a chef? Used cod + bacon + leeks + carrots + potatoes + veg stock + clam juice + paprika + slices of hot pepper + a few dashes of Worcestershire for depth. I cant wait to make this again and impress my bf whos not my bf


2 slices baconOlive oilOnionCarrotCeleryPotatoCorn 1 cupThyme stemsBay leafPimentonPepperClam juice, water, white wine. 1:1:11/2 cup heavy creamCodWhite fishChopped parsley


No need to pre-cook the fish. The heat of the chowder will take care of that. Pre cooking or boiling the fish will over-cook. Good rule of thumb for any seafood chowder.


A bottle of clam juice mixed in with water and white wine works great.

Robin S.

I started off without a recipe for my version of fish chowder. Main difference: I add cooking sherry to the onions and bacon (yes, I'm reckless), no carrots in mine, and I add the potatoes once I've got a broth going. Otherwise, pretty much the same dish ... easy and oh-so-tasty. I splurge though and use pricey shell fish in addition to cod or halibut. It's perfect for a chilly morning, noon, or night :)


Made this using white miso for broth (my go-to for any broth/bouillon) , added some red pepper flakes, and dressed it at the end with cilantro and lime wedges. Used good quality frozen cod fillets. Fantastic. Will add the 'basic' chowder to our regular meals!


I would leave out the carrots. that would introduce a flavor I don't want.

Tony Millionaire

Chicken broth. I add thyme and sage for true New England chowder.

Mary Jo Powell

You can leave out the milk/half and half and have something like Rhode Island clam chowder. To thicken you can mash some of the potatoes. I have also used potato starch to thicken chowder.

Anne M

There's no recipe!!!


I make a similar fish chowder, but omit the bacon and milk to make it vegetarian and more like Rhode Island chowder. If I have it, I use the liquid from jarred gefilte fish for the base or other fish liquid. If not, water and perhaps a little white wine. Delicious.

Nancy Rodgers

This was AMAZING! I added about four slices of fennel really thinly cut. Pinot Grigio. OMG it was so good! I used baby potatoes - the golden ones. Chunked up tilapia. Cup of frozen corn. Onion. Carrots. Paprika. The rest just like the paragraph (won't call it a recipe because there is no list!) and it tasted so light and wonderful. Put a few splashes of 2% milk. This was heavenly. The flavors all blended together in my magic Dutch Oven. It was filling, but light. Sam, you really gifted us all!


To any other noob out there, maybe salmon isn't the right choice on the first time out. My broth was delicious (peppers, onions, carrots, potatoes, 4 oz of chicken broth with the water -- my cooking wine had gone bad, so I skipped that -- and I added a little bit of sherry vinegar.) But once I added about half the fish suggested here, it was a lot, lol. If I were to do this again with salmon, which I won't, I would add probably 1/16 of what Sam suggests here, because it was, uh, flavorful.


I used tilapia, shrimp stock and half & half. Delicious!


Excellent. I love just throwing things into a pot. I used white wine and chicken broth with left over sushi fish (yellow tail and salmon) and with the pimenton--terrific.


Great non-recipe that helped me deal with about 8oz of leftover cooked Hog Fish. At $30/# I didn’t want to throw away. I followed the suggestions closely, using chicken broth and bacon. I added about 2/3 cup leftover mashed potatoes (why not?) as a thickener. The fish was added at the last minute to only reheat. This is such a great idea to use delicious broiled or sautéed fish. Very tasty!


Even easier, buy "Imagine Potato Leek Soup" as a base and add the rest minus the potatoes or add a couple of steamed or microwaved potatoes chunks for texture. Add carrot slices and wine/stock as needed. Simmer till carrots are soft- 20 minutes. I use haddock, frozen is fine for this. Serve with olive oil garlic toast. Inspired by the bouride served at Cafe Des Artistes in NYC so many years ago.It was unforgettable. It had saffron in it as well. Drizzle with olive oil!!


I always use Old Bay in my chowder... did someone else mention this already??


superior no-recipe clam chowder modeled on these instructions, with leeks, potatoes, chopped surf clams, cream and a handful of raw bay scallops added to each bowl just before serving

Kathleen Sherin

Love the open endedness of this recipe.Used seafood stock that just made from frozen shrimp shells I had been saving (finally!) Carrots, potatoes, white onion, fennel stems, cheap Pinot Grigio, frozen shrimp, frozen bay scallops, frozen black cod,heavy cream, bay leaves and smoked paprika-- all was going well but I thought it needed something more so added a bit of anchovy paste and in the end stirred in some wasabi fumi furikake (a Japanese rice seasoning) and that really made it!Thanks !!

Kelly M

My thanks to Liz Hobbins who put down a road map on this one. Sam's directions were clear, and with Liz's suggestions in terms of quantity, this was a breeze and so delicious. This recipe is now on rotation at our house, and is much anticipated on our 'Soup Sundays'. Great to prepare and enjoy while watching football.

Rose K.

When I make gefilte fish for Passover, I strain and freeze the cooking liquor in different sized containers, then use it for chowder or cioppino. Once, the label fell off in the freezer, and I mixed it with chicken broth for company. Enough said....

David B

Fun dish to freestyle with. Applied a lot of the recommendations. Will do again in the future, and will definitely mix it up.

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Speedy Fish Chowder Recipe (2024)
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