Gorgeous Wedding Centerpiece Ideas For Round Reception Tables (2024)

Anna and Jack Wedding – Tablescape High and Low Centerpiece – The Foundry – Asher Gardner Photography

Congratulations! After months of meetings, phones calls, and emails, you and your wedding planner (if you have one) have mapped out the dining space in painstaking detail to determine the seating layout of your reception. Now it’s time to make an appointment with your florist to design the floral decor that will underscore the tone of your wedding and pull together the room. When we first talk with clients, we go over their desired wedding style, color scheme, favorite flowers along with any images they have pinned and saved for inspiration. At this point, they have a good sense of the shape, size, and layout of their tables with the most popular being round, rectangular and banquet. This information is important because certain types of centerpieces pair best with each kind of table.

In terms of aesthetics and logistics, couples have big choices to make when it comes to their tablescape. Today starts a blog series in which we look at floral decor ideas best suited for the tables that will fill out the dining room. If asked which table shape is most commonly used in our Real BB Weddings, our answer would be round. Measuring 60 to 72 inches and seating 8 to 12 guests, the round table is versatile and works well in both grand ballrooms and relaxed tent receptions. They are widely available from rental event companies and venues, and accommodate maximum capacity in most spaces. Additionally, round tables are easiest to determine a seating chart and because of their circular shape, encourage socializing among guests. From elegant candelabra arrangements to organic greenery and floral wreaths, here are gorgeous centerpiece ideas for round tables handpicked from the Real BB Weddings archives.

Low & Lush With Taper Candles
Setting the mood for warm romance, this low centerpiece features various types of roses, ranunculuses, delphiniums, and helleborus spread throughout lush silver dollar eucalyptus and salal leaves illuminated by pale blue taper candles.

Ali and Joe Wedding – Low Centerpiece – Liberty Warehouse – Cassidy Parker Smith Photography

Elevated Reflections
Mirrors are an ideal decorative element if you want to maximize the visual impact of a low centerpiece. Adding height and dimension to the table top, a mirror pedestal highlights the crisp white blossoms while reflecting the candles’ dancing flames.

Tall With Texture
Radiating natural elegance, this high centerpiece features rich greenery trimmed with various types of roses, stock, hydrangeas, lisianthus, and cascading Phalaenopsis orchids. The contrast of textures with a classic shape punctuated this wedding’s black-tie garden theme.

Sarah and Edwin Wedding – High Centerpiece – New York Botanical Garden – Julian Huarte Photography

Grouped Arrangements
For this formal reception at Wave Hill, round tables were topped with crisp white and green stemmed hydrangeas, dahlias, lisianthus, dahlias, and roses in a dynamic cluster arrangement with each vase of varying height.

Ashley & Joe Wedding – Centerpiece – Wave Hill – Heather Waraksa Photography

A Captivating Candelabra
It is impossible to resist the Old World charm of a candelabra centerpiece. Evoking a beauty of another place and time, this eye-catching display features roses, dahlias, hydrangeas, stock, and loose greenery surrounded by a trio of petite arrangements.

Cari and AnShih Wedding – Dahlia Parv Euc Hydrangea Garden Spray Quicksand Vendela Rose Stock High Centerpiece – Lotte New York Palace NYC – by Kelly Kollar Photography

Light & Graceful
The harlow stand centerpiece has been a favorite choice for round tables over the past few wedding seasons. What is so great about this decorative element is how it adds a graceful lightness to the atmosphere while giving the impression that the flowers are suspended in air.

Kate and Steve Wedding – High Centerpiece Tablescape – Le Chateau – Christopher Duggan Weddings

Upscale Bohemian
Real BB Bride Kate expressed her bohemian style and deep connection to nature with a stunning low centerpiece featuring roses, ranunculuses, dahlias, helleborus, heather, veronica, jasmine, and astilbe in shades of burgundy, blush, and white complemented by loose greenery and pheasant feathers.

Kate & Chase Wedding – Low Centerpiece – Mansion at Natirar – by Sally Pinera

Asymmetrical Beauty
Some flowers are so unique and expressive that they deserve a stage of their own. With its fluttering butterfly shaped petals, the Phalaenopsis orchid falls within this category. This asymmetrical centerpiece presents the exotic bloom surrounded by petite arrangements of white roses.

Jessica & Brian Wedding – High and Low Centerpiece Phaelenopsis Orchids and Tibet Roses – Battery Gardens NYC – Rebecca Yale Photography

Perfectly Round
For this unforgettable reception in the Grand Ballroom of The Plaza, round tables were adorned with striking, mushroom-shaped centerpieces composed of champagne, cream, and light pink roses complemented by a mound of blossoms at the base.

High Centerpiece – Plaza Hotel – by Aaron Delency

A Whimsical Wreath
Complementing the natural beauty of The Stone Hill at New York Botanical Garden, this low centerpiece presents a wreath of loose greenery adorned with roses, lisianthus, calla lilies centered around glowing lanterns.

Alex and Johnny Wedding – Low Centerpiece – New York Botanical Garden – Rafael Soldi

Submerged Blooms
Defining modern romanticism, this centerpiece presents three vases containing white ranunculuses, dendrobium orchids, and delphiniums topped with floating candles.

Helen & Alex Wedding – Centerpiece – Tribeca 360 – Ein Photography

Rustic Enchantment
When it comes to describing wedding decor styles, ‘rustic’ is a polarizing term with people falling on either side of the fence. Proving naysayers wrong, this enchanting wood box centerpiece presents a gold painted Manzanita branch accentuated by lovely roses, café au lait dahlias, and astilbe with verdant greenery and moss.

Stephanie & Rob Wedding – Low Centerpieces – Carousel Lighthouse Point – Sarma & Co

As you can see, the round table provides a perfect canvas for gorgeous centerpieces designed to capture the vibe of your wedding reception. We hope these examples help guide you in envisioning the celebration of your dreams. Stay tuned for when we highlight decor ideas for rectangular tables with a look at the Real BB Weddings archives.

Gorgeous Wedding Centerpiece Ideas For Round Reception Tables (2024)
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