Divorce Rings: How to Repurpose Your Engagement and Wedding Jewelry (2024)

When filing for divorce, deciding what to do with your wedding bands is likely the last thing on your mind. There is paperwork to fill out, living arrangements to organize, and, of course, emotional turmoil to sort through. But once the dust has settled, you might find yourself wondering how to broach the subject. And, as new trends in marriage and divorce emerge, you might think: What is a divorce ring?

Divorce rings aren't new, but they're definitely becoming more popular. Keep reading to learn what jewelers and divorce experts have to say about them. There are several ways you can buy or create one, and they mean different things to different people.

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What Are Divorce Rings and How Did This Trend Become Popular?

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"A divorce ring is a ring that a woman purchases for herself to commemorate the end of her divorce process and the beginning of her fresh start in life," says Olivia Dreizen Howell, CEO of divorce registry platform Fresh Starts Registry. "Simply put, a divorce ring symbolizes her newfound sense of freedom and self-reliance, serving as a tangible reminder that she is no longer defined by marital status but by her own strength, resilience, and capacity for self-love."

These rings can take on a variety of forms: You can work with a jeweler to design one using the stones from your engagement ring or wedding band, or you can make something completely new that looks nothing like those pieces of jewelry.

"By choosing to honor oneself with a meaningful piece of jewelry, individuals reaffirm their inherent worth and acknowledge their right to happiness, fulfillment, and love, both from within and from others," says Dreizen Howell.

Thanks to celebrities, divorce rings have received increased publicity. Model Emily Ratajkowski recently deputed one in March following her split from Sebastian Bear McClard.

"She took her previous toi et moi engagement ring, which showcased a princess cut and pear-shaped diamond, and separated them, signifying their split," says Rustin Yasavolian, CEO of Masina Diamonds. "She set the pear shape in a solitaire offset setting and added two trapezoid diamonds to the princess cut."

But Can I Keep My Engagement Ring After a Divorce?

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Deciding what to do with your wedding rings is deeply personal—and repurposing them is becoming more popular.

"You could work with a jeweler to redesign the rings into a different style of ring, earrings, necklace, bracelet, or other accessory that better suits your current preferences and lifestyle," says Dreizen Howell. "You could also turn the ring into multiple pieces of jewelry and save the pieces for your children."

Or, you could keep them as is, especially if you have children to whom you may want to pass them down.

"Some people choose to keep their wedding or engagement rings as sentimental keepsakes, reminders of the relationship and the memories shared," says Dreizen Howell. "If you have a strong emotional attachment to the rings or view them as valuable heirlooms, keeping them may feel meaningful to you."

Finally, there's the option to sell. "You could sell them to a jeweler or through online marketplaces to recoup some of the financial value invested in the jewelry," explains Dreizen Howell. "Invest this money into something wonderful for yourself!"

On Which Finger Do You Wear a Divorce Ring?

You can wear your divorce ring wherever you like—there are no rules!

"It can replace your old wedding ring on your ring finger, or alternatively, can be worn on another finger," says Sacha Jarmon, gemologist and co-founder of Love Saro. Keep in mind that if you do wear the ring on the ring finger on your left hand, it may be mistaken for a wedding band or engagement ring.

A popular place to wear this piece of jewelry is the ring finger on the right hand. Ratajkowski wears her two rings on her right ring finger and pinky finger.

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Divorce Ring Ideas

1. Repurpose Your Old Rings

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One of the most popular divorce ring ideas is to create something new using your old ring.

"You can have a custom jeweler take a look at the old ring and suggest the best design," says Yasavolian. "Once the piece is taken apart, you can always add or subtract elements to make the ring uniquely yours."

For example, you could add new stones or hardware or turn a minimalist piece into something Art Deco—the options are endless. Or—if you follow Ratajkowski's lead—simply break up the stones to create two separate rings instead.

2. Add an Emerald to Your Diamond

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If you want to add a stone to the ones that were on your original ring, Jarmon suggests an emerald.

"Emerald, the stone of courage, is one of the most powerful, highly sought-after precious gemstones used for healing and represents renewal and rebirth," she says. "Historically, it has been used as an antidote to poisons and to strengthen or heal the physical body and it's also associated with the heart chakra and allows the wearer to follow the path of the heart."

3. Plain Band With a Custom Engraving

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Engraving a ring is an easy way to give it more meaning—and you can add an inscription on either the inside of the brand or the backside.

"I would recommend something that gives the wearer a feeling of empowerment—a simple quote, affirmation, or number," says Jarmon.

If you're thinking of inscribing a number, she suggests the number one since it celebrates new beginnings and independence in numerology, or number two, as it attracts love and peace.

4. Include a Meaningful Birthstone

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Birthstones are pretty to look at and can give your ring added sentimentality.

"I've seen many women choose their children's gemstones for a ring," says Dreizen Howell. "I also love the idea of getting your own gemstone for the ring as a symbol of self-love." Or, do both and include both your gemstone and your kids' stones.

5. Try Pink Tourmaline

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There are a few gemstones where the meaning of the stone alone is enough to warrant putting it on a divorce ring.

"The first would be pink tourmaline, a stone that aids in deep emotional healing," says Jarmon. "It is a powerful stone of love, compassion, and connecting with your inner child."

6. Consider Moonstone

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There's also moonstone, which is often considered a stone of new beginnings.

"Moonstone, also referred to as the Stone of Divine Feminine, is a very empowering stone associated with goddess energy and that is definitely the energy we want to bring in to help shift the hurt of divorce into optimism," says Jarmon. "It brings strength and inspiration in a new chapter."

7. Opt for Chrysoprase

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Chrysoprase is considered the stone of alignment and is "said to boost joy, optimism, and happiness," says Jarmon. "This stone activates the heart chakra, encouraging self-empowerment and aiding in relief from negative emotions and energy."

If your divorce was particularly messy, it could help you let that baggage go.

8. Go With a Ruby

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Finally, there's the ruby. "This deep red stone represents passion, vitality, and transformation," says Ashley Taylor, founder of Taylor Custom Rings.

We couldn't think of a better memento to keep with you through a season of divorce.

9. Do What Makes You Happy!

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Ultimately, the best divorce ring design for you is the one that makes you happiest.

"If you've always wanted a gold ring, and your wedding ring was silver, this is the time to opt for the gold," says Dreizen Howell. "A divorce ring is a symbol of making decisions for yourself for the first time."

So, venture out to a few jewelry stores and see what speaks to you. Chances are, you'll find yourself drawn to a certain style, stone, or setting that feels right for your next chapter.

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So, Should I Get a Divorce Ring?

The decision to get a divorce ring is up to you and you alone! Depending on where you are in your journey, you could create one that uses elements from your engagement ring or wedding band or design something fresh. And remember, just because you purchase a ring that you love for yourself after your divorce doesn't mean you need to brand it as a divorce ring. Buying a pretty piece is a great way to invest in yourself at any time.


Purchasing a divorce ring is a unique way to show self-love after a pivotal moment in your life. You can make something different using the rings from your marriage or try a fun divorce ring idea to create something new. It's hard to have regrets when you're putting yourself first!

Divorce Rings: How to Repurpose Your Engagement and Wedding Jewelry (2024)
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