CVS Pharmacy at 601 S. Jefferson St. Kearney, MO 64060 (2024)

About this pharmacy & drug store

The CVS Pharmacy at 601 South Jefferson Street is a Kearney pharmacy that is the place to go for household goods and quick pick-me-ups. The South Jefferson Street location is a go-to for cosmetics, groceries, vitamins, and first aid supplies. Its easy-to-access location has made this Kearney pharmacy a neighborhood staple.

On top of a vast supply of food, healthcare, and other necessities, the nearby Kearney CVS Pharmacy offers visitors great prices. Get an ExtraCare® Membership to gain access to personalized coupons, notifications of sales, member email offers, and to begin receiving ExtraCare® Rewards on select items.

South Jefferson Street CVS Pharmacy is a proud member of the Kearney community. We're prepared to support each and every local searching for a spot to find everyday products without extra effort. This Kearney CVS Pharmacy includes a drive-thru pharmacy so you can get prescription refills without parking your car.

You can get vitamins, cosmetics, personal care items, and more at this local Kearney store, equipped with capable employees to assist you from the moment you enter. Stocking up on essentials couldn't be easier.

This CVS Pharmacy is the spot to get prescription medicine and groceries in Kearney. Purchase all your regular supplies without venturing too far from your community. This CVS Pharmacy makes finding your daily necessities simple, with discounts that can't be beat.

Does South Jefferson Street CVS Pharmacy have UPS drop-off?

No, the South Jefferson Street CVS Pharmacy is not a UPS access point, but you can pick up and drop off UPS packages at Northeast Barry Road CVS Pharmacy located 14 miles away.

What does a flu shot cost at CVS?

Free flu shots in Kearney are given to those with medical insurance and through Medicare Part B. For customers without medical insurance or Medicare, it costs $106.99 for a senior dose vaccine, or $62.99 - $106.99 for a seasonal vaccine. South Jefferson Street CVS Pharmacy has flu shots to keep you healthy and on your feet.

Does CVS accept EBT?

Yes, the South Jefferson Street CVS Pharmacy accepts the SNAP EBT card. Use your Kearney SNAP EBT card at this store to buy food.

Does South Jefferson Street CVS Pharmacy develop photos?

Yes, the South Jefferson Street CVS Pharmacy handles photo developing in Kearney. This location develops all types of film, negatives, and disposable cameras on high-quality photo paper. Processing 35mm film or a disposable camera takes between 7 and 10 days, while processing APS, black and white film, slides, or 110 film takes around 3 weeks.

Does CVS at 601 S. Jefferson St. Kearney, MO 64060 test for coronavirus (COVID-19)?

CVS Health is conducting coronavirus testing (COVID-19) at 601 S. Jefferson St. Kearney, MO. Patients are required to schedule an appointment for in advance. Limited appointments are available to qualifying patients due to high demand. Test types vary by location and will be confirmed during the scheduling process. Patients must bring their insurance card and proof of identity*. Please view our other for more information. Also, find for sale online and in-store.

*Insurance is not required at community testing locations.

What is CVS HealthHUB on 601 S. Jefferson St. in Kearney, MO?

A new health care experience at select CVS Pharmacy locations, CVS HealthHUB is staffed with a team of care professionals. HealthHUB locations offer a wide array of health care services, a and an expanded selection of wellness and health products, plus a care concierge to help you every step of the way.

What services does the CVS HealthHUB in Kearney, MO offer?

Our MinuteClinic® providers specialize in everyday care, from coughs, colds, and ear infections, to care for chronic conditions, like sleep apnea* and . Additional services include blood pressure monitoring, , and cholesterol testing. Get high-quality care from our board-certified and today.

Are there different products available at CVS HealthHUB than what’s available at a typical CVS Pharmacy?

HealthHUB locations offer expanded health and wellness products, from nutrition and to durable medical equipment and other .


FOR SLEEP APNEA: Sleep apnea screening performed by a MinuteClinic nurse practitioner or physician assistant. If appropriate, your MinuteClinic provider may prescribe a home sleep test to be provided by an independent third-party provider.

FOR HEALTH SERVICES: Services vary by location. See store for details. Pharmacy services provided by CVS Pharmacy, Inc. Clinical services provided by a MinuteClinic nurse practitioner or physician assistant within a HealthHUB location.

CVS Pharmacy at 601 S. Jefferson St. Kearney, MO 64060 (2024)
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