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21 Unique Bridal Shower Themes Any Bride Will Love - StayaGlam (1)Rebecca Puttock | Apr 17, 2018

If you are planning a bridal shower, then consider choosing a cool bridal shower theme. A theme will narrow down the endless choices you have which makes the shower easier to plan and decorate. There are so many bridal shower themes you can choose from and you can choose something the bride-to-be loves, making it unique to her. Take a look at our 21 bridal shower themes and get inspired!

1.Glamorous Pink Bridal Shower Theme

The first bridal shower idea we have to show you is this pink theme. Pink is a color associated with romance so would be the perfect color to use at any bridal shower. Not only that but it looks very glam with gold. The key elements to creating this look are roses, gold accessories, soft draping fabrics and of course pink.

2.Crystals and Star Constellations

If the bride-to-be loves the stars, crystals and other things like that, then this next idea could be the perfect. Here we have an eating area that has star constellation decorations on top of plates, all different crystals and other accessories that fit the theme. To recreate the look you could use her favourite crystals and constellations. Maybe choose a color from the crystals for the accessories and you can buy some beautiful crystal inspired cakes.

3.Vintage Bridal Shower Theme

Next, we have a vintage romance theme. The table setting featured captures the look perfectly. It has a beautiful flower arrangement, teacups with flowers in, pretty candles and beautiful glasses. To create a bridal shower like this, take inspiration from the image and choose similar colors, flowers and accessories. You can take these ideas into the food and other decorations too.

4. Nautical Bridal Shower Theme

A popular theme for bridal showers is nautical. Here we have a very stylish nautical bridal shower idea. You can see that the food and decorations are perfect for the theme. There are anchors, navy stripes, a ships wheel and more. With this theme have fun with the food and decor but keep it classy with navy,white and gold.

5. All White Bridal Shower Theme

Our next idea is a white theme. All the decorations and tables are the classic bridal white which suits the upcoming wedding. You can make this theme very elegant like featured and it will wow the guests. A great activity for this theme would be the toilet paper wedding dress game. The guests get split into teams and they make their own white wedding dress creations out of toilet paper.

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Source: @fiori.co

6.1950’s Bridal Shower Theme

Does the bride-to-be love vintage or the 1950’s? Then this next idea could be perfect. The bridal shower was made to look like a 1950’s malt shop. There are records, an old-fashioned menu, decorations and more. With a theme like this you can also ask the guests to dress up in 50’s clothes like poodle skirts.

7.Beach Theme Bridal Shower

Another popular theme for bridal showers is the beach. You can have this theme for an upcoming beach wedding or if the bride loves the seaside. This is a very fun theme that you can do a lot with. You can have cute decorations like the ones featured, have beach inspired co*cktails and you can also ask the guests to dress up in beach clothing, maybe tropical florals.

8.Secret Garden Bridal Shower Theme

Our next idea is an outdoor bridal shower inspired by The Secret Garden. For this theme you will need an outdoor space that is full of plants and beautiful blooms. You can have quirky decorations like the ones featured and have cakes and tea. For an activity you could do a treasure hunt and for the favors you could give flower seeds.

9.Tropical Bridal Shower Theme

Next, we have a fun tropical theme. There is so much you can do with a bridal shower tropical theme. Try and decorate with plants, flowers and balloons like the image featured. You can also have tropical inspired co*cktails and food. A theme like this would be perfect for the summer.

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Source: @orangetrunk

10.Elegant Tea Party Bridal Shower

Tea parties are a very popular theme for bridal showers. You can create a very elegant event with beautiful food, decorations, teapots and teacups. For the classic tea party have tea and cakes available. You can also have co*cktails served in teapots.

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21 Unique Bridal Shower Themes Any Bride Will Love - StayaGlam (2024)
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