19 Gorgeous March Wedding Color Palettes to Spring into Style - Magical Day Weddings (2024)

March is the beginning of spring when the weather is still cold and nature is just beginning to wake up from its winter sleep. Where do you find inspiration for your wedding colors at this time of year?

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We have found nineteen combinations of March wedding colors for you to choose from for your upcoming wedding.

Want more inspiration on decorating your spring wedding? Be sure to also check out our articles on April and May wedding colors.

Green & Gold

March is the time of year when nature is transitioning from winter to spring. With that comes shades of green and one in particular goes beautifully with gold.

Emerald green is a deep and rich shade which looks luxurious and opulent, particularly when paired with gold accents.

If you have Irish roots you may want to draw inspiration from St Patrick’s Day which falls on 17th March.

Light Blue & Pink

Delicate shades of light blue and pink make a beautifully romantic wedding palette for a March wedding. This soft color scheme gives a March wedding the feeling of serenity and elegance.

Bridesmaids dresses in pink with light blue accessories and delicate posies of pale shade blooms will look dreamy and ethereal.

Light blue suits for the groom and groomsmen with complementing pale pink boutonnieres will complete the look.

Coral, Yellow & Gray

Why not greet spring with a burst of color in coral and yellow with a soothing and calming gray for your March wedding?

Coral bridesmaids dresses will look fabulous against groomsmen in mid gray suits with coral ties and bright, yellow boutonnieres.

All of these shades will look wonderful against the bridal gown and a bouquet containing all three hues ties all the colors together.

Dusty Blue, White & Blush

Dressed in a white wedding gown surrounded by bridesmaids in dusty blue dresses clutching delicate bouquets of blooms, you will be a magical March bride.

This soft color theme is romantic and feminine.

Not forgetting the guys, dress them in dusty blue suits with gleaming white shirts and pale blue ties.

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A blush boutonniere will tie your color theme together. Extend this trio to your wedding venue decor.

Silver & Sage

If you dream of a chic spring wedding then this combination of silver and sage is what you need for your March wedding.

This is an understated, elegant color scheme that will suit a vintage, classic or modern celebration.

Incorporate these shades into your wedding clothes, venue decorations, table settings and even your wedding cake.

Introduce your guests to your color theme with silver and sage wedding invitations.

Champagne & Green

Champagne may be the bubbliest of drinks, but it is a low key, muted color. This works well with stronger accent colors such as green making a perfect pairing for a March wedding celebration.

Strong green complements the softer champagne, and you could consider putting the groom and groomsmen in dark green suits.

Alternatively dark blue also works well for the guys. Add plenty of greenery around the venue and in your bouquets.

Pink, Green & Khaki

March colors are still very earthy with an occasional pop of color, so this trio would work wonderfully for your wedding. A bright, vibrant pink brings warmth and complements the cooler shades.

Put your bridesmaids in pretty pink, with big bloom bouquets and dress your groom and groomsmen in khaki suits and green ties.

This would be the perfect color palette for a countryside or rustic wedding.

Mint & Blush

Put winter far behind you with a colorful mint and blush pink March wedding.

Softer hues of these colors would work well for a rustic location, but stronger shades can create a strong European chic.

Mismatch your bridesmaids in alternate blush and mint green dresses and have the groomsmen wear mint ties and soft pink boutonnieres.

Decorate your wedding tables with these colors and extend to your celebratory drinks and food.

Silver, Fuchsia & Royal Blue

Fuchsia and royal blue are two strong colors which will make a bold statement for your March wedding.

Soothing silver is the perfect bridge between them and adds another layer of luxury and richness to your wedding palette.

Put your bridesmaids in soft silver dresses with the groomsmen in royal blue suits. Add fuchsia colored blooms to the bridal party bouquets and for the guy’s boutonnieres.

Gray, Ivory & Gold

Match the neutral colors of early spring wedding with gray and ivory.

Add a touch of warmth and opulence with gold accents. Soft gray bridesmaids dresses will complement the bride’s ivory gown and gold jewelry will tie the look together.

Put the guys in a darker gray with leaf green ties and an ivory boutonniere. Gold tableware with ivory tablecloths and gray accents will look strong and sophisticated.

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Mauve & Green

Mauve is a gorgeous color when combined with green for a March wedding. It is romantic, feminine and nostalgic.

Dress your bridesmaids in darker and lighter shades of mauve for the best wedding color scheme.

Add lots of greenery to the bridal party bouquets and to your floral arrangements, wedding arch and table settings.

This is a striking and beautiful color combination for a rustic, Bohemian or countryside wedding.

Dusty Rose, Lavender & Navy

Lavender and dusty rose complement each other very well. Lavender with its cool blue undertones also works with the navy in this trio of colors.

Dress your bridesmaids in a range of dusty rose and lavender gowns and put the guys in smart, navy suits.

Add pale roses and lavender to floral arrangements, posies and boutonnieres. Carry the color scheme through to your table decorations and even your wedding cake.

Blush, White & Black

Blush is one of the most popular colors for a March wedding with its soft and warm hues. Teaming it with classic black and white creates a stylish and sophisticated wedding palette.

Bridesmaids in flowing, romantic blush gowns complement the bride in white, meanwhile the groom and groomsmen in classic tuxedos provide the perfect contrast.

Continue this elegant color theme through your table and venue decorations.

Sage Green & Blush

Two of the most popular early spring wedding colors, sage green and blush complement each other beautifully and form a very romantic palette for your celebration.

These colors work best in a natural setting such as for a barn or rustic wedding.

Either hue will work for bridesmaids dresses. Suit colors for the groom and groomsmen would be a darker shade of green or a dark blue as a nice contrast.

Dusty Blue, Pink & Navy

Both dusty blue and navy are cool colors, pink adds a splash of color and warmth to this wedding palette.

These colors complement each other as they come from opposite sides of the color wheel.

Put the guys in strong navy blue suits with pink ties and boutonnieres. The bridesmaids will look romantic in a light, matching pink.

Or have the bridesmaids in a dusty blue gowns with delicate pink bouquets.

Gray & Greenery

This color palette can be both minimalist and understated or ultra sophisticated. For an outside wedding use lots of greenery for table decorations, floral arrangements and the bridal party bouquets.

For a more formal wedding add some touches of silver or gold to these colors in the form of candlesticks or flatware.

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Different shades of gray for the bridesmaids dresses look wonderful with pale blooms and lots of foliage.

Mint Green & Peach

This combination of mint green and soft peach is just perfect for your March wedding. The colors are delicate and natural, and can be incorporated into the food as well as the color scheme.

Put your bridesmaids in a mixture of peach and mint green gowns with soft colored blooms for their bouquets.

Mid to dark gray suits for the guys with peach ties and boutonnieres are a perfect match.

Blush, Burgundy & Gray

Burgundy is a deep, rich color while blush is a very pale pink, soft and delicate. A perfect complementary color to both is gray which cools the strong burgundy and is warmed by the soft blush.

A mixture of blush and burgundy dresses for your bridesmaids would work wonderfully, alongside the groomsmen in light gray suits.

Create bouquets with burgundy blooms and delicate blush blossoms as a finishing touch.

Sage & Ivory

Sage green and ivory are both hues drawn from nature and reflect the coming of spring. For a March wedding there are really no two better colors for your wedding.

They speak to simplicity and modesty, making them perfect for a rustic, minimalist wedding.

From wedding invitations of sage lettering on an ivory background to sage bridesmaids dresses complementing an ivory bridal gown, this is a beautiful combination of colors.

Final Thoughts

Having your wedding in March gives you the opportunity to choose colors that work in winter as well as spring because it sits on the cusp between the two.

Choose your favorite hues from our list of March wedding colors and create the most memorable day of your lives.

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19 Gorgeous March Wedding Color Palettes to Spring into Style - Magical Day Weddings (2024)


What color is good for a march wedding? ›

Spring is a wonderful time for a wedding. The season offers plenty of inspiration for your big day, including your color palette. Pastels, soft neutrals, and bold contrasts (like fuchsia and soft pink or navy and light blue) are perennial favorites.

What are the lucky colors to wear on wedding day? ›

In Western cultures, white is a traditional color for bridal attire, symbolizing purity and innocence. However, in many other cultures, red is the traditional color for brides, symbolizing good luck, prosperity, and happiness.

What color is popular in March? ›

The March colors for this year are light blue and white which have their own meaning. Light blue represents peace, stillness, and mildness.

What is the color palette for the month of March? ›

Eggshell white, dark vanilla, with black color and red highlights come together and create this minimalist color palette.

What is the least popular wedding color? ›

Other Popular Wedding Colors

Burgundy, green and light blue followed in terms of popularity, respectively. The least popular wedding color in 2021 was bronze, according to our data. Just 3% of couples reported using this unique color for their nuptials.

What is the color for the wedding in March 2024? ›

Light Pinks And Peaches

Combine baby pink with light yellows and soft shades of peach for a quintessential March wedding color palette. These light pink wedding colors, perfect for bridal party attire and invitations, epitomize the essence of spring.

What is the color trend for wedding dresses in 2024? ›

From soft pastels to bold, unconventional hues like black and ruby red, colorful wedding dresses are setting new trends. These gowns break away from tradition and allow brides to showcase their individuality and flair for fashion.

How many colors should be in a wedding palette? ›

A color palette for your wedding should have a range of at least three to five colors. Too many colors reduce focus. Your guests will have a hard time concentrating as their attention is all over the place. However, if you incorporate more than five colors, go for neutrals and pastel shades to give a calming effect.

How do I find the perfect color palette? ›

It's also incredibly simple to use: 60% is your dominant hue, 30% is your secondary color, and 10% is for an accent color. Even if your palette has more than three colors (but please, no more than five), keeping things in balance will be cleaner to the eye and more comfortable for your users' brains.

What is the app that tells you the color palette? ›

Dressika is a personal AI shopping assistant and colour style consultant. The app has a unique feature - automatic personal colour analysis. Just take a selfie to find out your season colour, seasonal colour palettes and make-up colours. Use a virtual dressing room to create perfect outfits.

Who should wear wedding colors? ›

The colour scheme, when it comes to what to wear, is designed for the bridal party i.e. the groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids, pageboys etc. Unless you're in that bridal party, you'd be best to steer clear of trying to match them. Think of it a bit like a stage show.

What should I wear to a wedding in March? ›

Unless the wedding specifies black-tie attire (in which case you should opt for black or a similar dark shade) feel free to experiment with bright, springtime colors like pink, yellow or green for your next formal spring wedding.

Is March a good month for a wedding? ›

Spring is also the season of rebirth and new beginnings, which ties in wonderfully with a wedding. May is a popular wedding month, so the competition is fierce, but March and April are great options as well.

What is the traditional wedding march? ›

The piece of music we now recognise as 'Wedding March' was written by Felix Mendelssohn for an 1842 production of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. The song that often accompanies 'Wedding March' is the piece known as 'Here Comes the Bride' or 'Bridal Chorus'.

Can you wear black to a March wedding? ›

Can you wear a black dress or ensemble to a wedding? In short, yes, but the key is in the styling. You want to avoid looking like you dressed for a funeral, and your outfit should feel like it was chosen with a special occasion in mind!

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